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“it's the time to build practical

About Me (in a nutshell)

Alon Brenner, Strategic consulting with practical attitude & deep understanding of the digital sphere

I’ve been practicing strategy for the past 20 years. As a strategy expert (VP Strategy for McCann), as a CEO (K Logic, a leading digital marketing agency) and a CMO (Natural Intelligence). I Bring a macro/micro orientation with expertise in the digital sphere.

I believe that strategy should not only be built top-down but also bottom-up. You can't build a strategy and understand the big picture without diving into the granular tactics.


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My passion is to go deep and identify a clear direction through the clatter. When the path and KPIs for success are clear, people & organizations grow and achieve success.

I come to help define a clear strategy with concrete focus that leaves the space needed to test, measure and optimize;

I help choose the organization’s Must Win Battles, decide what to do and what not to do;

And finally I come to help you cross the "Digital Rubicon"; build the right tech-stack; choose the right solutions; and create a digital architecture that will bring results that are constantly improving.


I have worked with organizations of all kinds. From Tech start-ups to large corporate. from global business to those who focus on one local market. finance, consumer goods, SAAS, retail, travel, cyber, e-com, telco, AI, analytics, automotive, real estate, health and much more. 

Married to ROtem (AKA: wonderwoman) and a father to Ilay, Michael, four guitars & a ukulele. 

More details you can find in my linkedin profile

How can I assist?

A branding strategy for the digital age

a dynamic brand STRATEGY that is suitable for the fast pace of the digital era.  

We'll define an arena in the mind of our potential consumers, that we want to concur.  one that will be focused but flexible enough to develop new product lines and enable Digital strategy that is based on MEASUREMENT, A/B tests & OPTIMIZATION. 

Ongoing marketing consulting


Marketing efforts only start when strategy is set. It's an intensive, ongoing and  iterative process. I'm here to help you, think with you and solve any issue that needs solving. 


I'll help you define the marketing plans and its execution.

Agency consulting

leading an agency is always a very challenging job. I bring my experience of managing an agency and come to help. we'll deal with issues like: Strategic decisions, what differentiate you from other agencies out there, what's you value proposition to the market, how to bring clients, managing client's profitability, client's retention, employees, organization structure and more.  

A Digital Strategy

for demand creation

an orchestrated digital strategy, with demand creation orientation (and not just demand harvesting). 

We'll bring the bridge between performance oriented acquisition activity and our brand building efforts. 

we'll define the strategy and build the team / find an agency to execute it. 

Growth strategy for start-ups


Start-ups are looking for their strategy while running forward. But the moment comes, when a more exact definition of the strategy is needed. It's the moment when טםו stop just dealing with the best way  to bring the next user and seek to look far to the the future. That's the best time for me to join, and help entrepreneurs and managers build the company's growth strategy. From Strategy to execution. 

Personal Strategy

Mentoring for people who want to define their personal strategy. we'll define a clear and focus strategy that will help you navigate your career and life. I am using the ikigai model which help us find your purpose in life, as the intersection between "what you love` "good at", "can be paid for" and "the world needs".  

Want to hear me speak?

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Strategy Reinvented 

the classic strategy dealing with focus is colliding with the digital attitude of A/B tests, measurement and optimization. These are not technical differences. It's different DNAs. In this talk i share my "practical strategy for the digital age" approach, that is trying to bridge the differences and create a new third alternative.   

Winning a presentation in the attention disorder age

We are living in the attention disorder age. Everyone has zillion tasks, notifications, e-mails and the mobile phone is always there. So how do you succeeded in getting the attention of everyone in the room? How do you get them to focus just on you and the talk you have worked so hard on? We’ll go over more than 40 rules for a wining presentation and do some practical training. In this workshop you’ll learn, practice and get feedback. You’ll gain practical tools, that will change forever the way you prepare and manage a presentation.

Thoughts i write...

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